a servant’s heart

While I was growing up, community service just wasn’t a term I was aware of. But nowadays, teens have to complete a certain a number of hours of service in order to even graduate in some places. But as Christians, we are supposed to serve the body of Christ no matter what our “position” may be.

I’ve been going to the same church for about 15 years and I have served in a whole laundry list of capacities. I’ve worked with the youth group, Sunday School, nursery and women’s ministry just to name a few. But for the past ten years, I have served in our Cafe.

I love working in the Cafe. Now I know there are a lot of “cafe-naysayers” out there who might think it’s silly for a church to offer fancy coffees on Sunday mornings. But our cafe truly is a ministry. First of all, anything we make above our costs goes directly to support missions. And second, every person who visits our church gets to come in and have any drink they’d like – gratis. Each Sunday after service, those newcomers pop on over to the cafe where we get the chance to greet them, welcome them to the church and make them a drink. Maybe it’s not much, but I am so glad I get to do it. After all:

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ (Matthew 25:40)

Maybe coffee isn’t such a big deal in the scheme of things but I think it is special. Which is why it saddens me how hard it has been to get people to help out with it. I’m constantly asking people to come help us out. When talking with others though, it sounds like we are far from alone in the need for more help. Most ministries seem to need help. It seems to be a pervasive problem in the Church – the old cliche of “10% of the people doing 100% of the work”.


Shouldn’t we – the children of God – of all people, be willing to serve others? Shouldn’t we be the ones who are quickest to jump up and lend a hand? If we’re too busy to serve, then we are too busy, period. I just shake my head and keep putting the announcements in our bulletin. Come help!

Developing a servant’s heart – well, I think it pretty much all starts with our relationship with God. If we let Him fill us up, then we’ll have more than enough to pour out.


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