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Sarah is the author of the popular teen fiction series, Becoming Beka, which she wrote for Moody Publishers. The five-book series follows 16-year-old Beka Madison through her junior and senior years of high school. She also wrote a spin-off novel to that series, Totally Unfamous, that tells Lucy’s story.

Sarah’s personal testimony of her journey from being a teen witch to becoming a Christian has been featured on Janet Parshall’s America, The 700 Club and The Tyra Banks Show.

the Rest of the Story

Sarah is passionate about writing for and speaking to teens, maybe because God wired it inside of her somehow, but it could also be because her own teen years were so traumatic. Sarah grew up in a home where her father believed in all things paranormal and Ouija boards and books on witchcraft were standard fare. Her dad was her hero, and only advocate, until his drug addiction caused him to point a shotgun at her when she was fourteen. She had no one to help her navigate the addiction, so Sarah turned to the occult for strength and answers. She practiced witchcraft throughout high school, becoming deeply entrenched in New Age philosophy and Wiccan rituals. She believed she had found the answers she’d been looking for.

Towards the end of her senior year, though, things took a more sinister turn. Sarah felt that she was being “told” that death was her only chance at a new life so she attempted suicide. But instead of dying, Sarah woke up and found herself sprawled on the ground, still alone and now feeling like a failure. Her one ray of hope was going to college in the fall, so after a summer of risky behavior, she left for college, hoping that something might finally change for her.

And it did. She was put in a room with two Baptist girls who utterly baffled her. She had never really met girls like them and was, at first, not happy with the living arrangement. She watched, though, and listened, and eventually accepted their invitations to InterVarsity, a campus ministry. It was there that Sarah heard a sermon that put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for her. Sarah, a girl who had been lost her whole life, was finally found.

It was a rocky road, but Sarah knew that she had finally found the real truth she had been looking for her whole life.

never Wasted

God never wastes anything we go through, so Sarah is passionate about letting teens know they are never alone. Her fiction, whether she is writing for the screen or the page, is designed around the idea of “naked faith”. Before God, we can strip off the masks, throw away the pretenses and be vulnerable. Sarah writes from those places deep within her in a desire to be raw, honest and vulnerable about the questions, the sorrow and the delight that can be found in a real God who cares for us.

Sarah herself desires to live in that place of vulnerability, now speaking freely about her past. She did not share her story for many years, in an effort to protect her father’s reputation. It wasn’t until two years after he died of pancreatic cancer that she felt God’s release to tell her story. She was shocked when she was invited onto The Tyra Banks Show to share her testimony alongside six witches and two Satanists, who were none too pleased to have her there exposing the truth as she knew it. But just as Sarah knew God was calling her to step out and be brave, to be able to give an answer for the hope within her, she also believes that God can use the stories within her to change the lives of young people.

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