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who do you speak to?

More than anything, I love speaking to teens and college-aged youth. It’s an amazing time of life and I love to inspire and challenge them to have “a naked faith” – completely open and vulnerable to God and what He has planned. I am also frequently asked to share my testimony of coming out of witchcraft and speak with youth about the reality & dangers of the occult.

I also love speaking with Young Women (middle school, high school, college-aged and twenty-somethings). It’s with these groups that I love to deal more directly and honestly about topics like purity, relationships, girl drama and the peculiar and wonderful relationship we girls have available to us with our Abba Father.

I am also frequently asked to speak to parents and teachers about youth culture, specifically the dangers of the occult and how to deal with the influences their teens face.

If you’re interested in having me come speak at your conference or event, contact us at
speaking {at} becomingministries [dot] org

things to know:

  • Every event is important to me so while there are topic areas that I frequently speak on, I never give canned speeches. Each audience is prayed for and I find that the Lord always has something particular He wants to say to that group. That preparation time is critical to each and every event I accept.
  • I accept only a limited number of events per year because I am a happily committed wife and mother and my first priority (other than the Lord of course) is to them.
  • If you are a conference organizer and think I am a good fit for your conference, please let me know. I really love working with teams of speakers because I find that each different speaker brings something special and helps to create an amazing event.
  • Because of the amount of time involved with preparation and travel, out of state events need to have audiences of over 100. (I can occasionally make exceptions to this for events located in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas.)
  • My suggestion to smaller groups is to see if you can organize a combined event with other youth groups and youth organizations in your area. It will help defray the costs and make the event that much more exciting for your youth.

If you’ve got questions or would like to get in touch with me about your event, e-mail:
speaking {at} becomingministries [dot] org

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