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I had the coolest opportunity this week and I find it so much fun when God uses social media to help connect us in ways we never dreamed.

InterVarsity is on Twitter and I had a brief interaction with whoever updates that account and mentioned that InterVarsity impacted me in a huge way when I was in college. A few days later I got an e-mail here at the website asking if they could interview me for their website and also write a guest blog.

The interview was Monday morning and while I waited for my kids to finish their swim practice, I chatted with Lauren about how God changed my life while I was a teenager away from home my freshmen year at college. I won’t share what we talked about but I will most certainly let you know when it gets posted!

But I was particularly grateful for this opportunity because the ministry of InterVarsity was how God got a hold of my heart and for that I am so grateful. It was very cool to get a chance to say “Thank you” for what they do. There are many college ministries out there on campuses working hard to point people to Jesus, but there will always be a special place in my heart for InterVarsity:-)


P.S.- Wanna know one of MY dreams? I’d love to speak at Urbana. Crazy, right? Maybe someday:-)

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3 thoughts on “college & InterVarsity”

  1. Hey, Sarah! I’m the person behind the InterVarsity twitter handle! Nice to meet you virtually and hurrah for social media.. 🙂 We’re all really excited about your story over here and looking forward to what God will do with it! -Abi

  2. Nice to (virtually) meet you as well!! My kids were asking if I ever get tired of talking about my past and I explained to them how I no longer see my past as some horrible thing, but rather how it’s a privilege to share about a glorious, amazing God who is willing to reach down into a pit to rescue us. I’ll never get tired of that:-)

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