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  1. I believe my family and I and even some friends are under an attack of witch craft. We have found our selves plagued by various pestilences and sicknesses almost non-stop for the last few months. My body has grown so weak, and I have become severely depressed. There is a woman among a group of singers I was a part of until yesterday that my husband and I knew years ago, she was dark and shifty then, she seems to have only gotten better at hiding it. Our issues seem to have started since she came around. I have lost friends, been alienated from the group, been sick, and depressed since she came into the picture. I believe she is operating solely out of jealousy. I am more talented than her in several areas and the owner of the group we sang with was my best friend until she came into the picture. I never changed, but everything around me did just a few short months after I got sick. She was rather jealous of me in the past, and hated my husband. I would apologize for what ever I have done to make her angry, but how do I apologize for just existing? More importantly, I want my family and myself to be healthy again. I am at a loss. How do I deal with this? Thank you for your help and time. Regards, M.

    1. Mflager ยป My suggestion would be to ask the elders of your church to pray for these concerns. And your strongest defense is a strong offense. the closer your walk with God (and the time you spend with Him and in his word) the more these attacks will be quenched by your strong shield of faith. We don’t have to be afraid of the enemy if Jesus is within us.

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