cue the musical interlude

One of the many hats I wear is the director hat. I have been involved with and worked in theater for most of my life in some fashion or another. So my disappearing act on the blog has been because I haven’t had enough mental energy to say much of anything! We had our last show last night and my kids performed before a crowd of over 600 (at least that’s the number I heard – but that is completely unverified!)

I. Am. Exhausted.

I started this year with a very hard and very unexpected life transition.

And it appears that we are ending the year with another huge transition. Though this one isn’t quite so unexpected, any kind of transition can be scary.

Maybe it’s because my growing up years were filled with so much upheaval (12 different schools in 5 different states by the time I reached 8th grade!) that change can be difficult for me to face.

So I am back to blogging. Hopefully to writing. And a sense of…could that be “expectation” I’m feeling? Why yes, it just might be.

Following the Lord is always an adventure – and today, I am especially thankfull that He knows exactly where this train is going, even if I don’t.

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