denying self and fasting

Do you fast?

I’ve been pondering fasting lately and while I’m still collecting my thoughts about what I want to say about it, but I wondered what your thoughts were on it?

It’s considered one of the “spiritual disciplines” and it’s something that I have found makes me profoundly aware of how deeply I need the Lord. There’s not a lot of talk about it – perhaps because the Scriptures talk about making fasting between just you and the Lord. But discussing it as a discipline isn’t the same as walking around trying to make yourself look more spiritual.

And I guess I’m wondering who you all are:-) I know people are reading (stats are awesome!) but no one is commenting – so  I’m inviting you to speak up. What do you think about fasting? Is it a regular part of your worship? What have you been taught about it? What do you think of Survivor this season?

Say anything:-)


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