don’t overthink it!

I love a new year don’t you? Fresh – with no mistakes in it yet! (Of course, since it’s actually Day 3 there may already be some mistakes in it – in which case you can use the original quote “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes”.)

My middle daughter is a gymnast. She is so strong, so flexible and so good at what she does. But there are times when she holds back. When you are supposed to run full out towards a very large stationary object like a vault, you have to give it your full energy so that you have the momentum to actually go over. You can’t hold back. But she does. It comes down to fear – fear of falling, fear of not getting over, fear of getting hurt. Yet – and here is the big thing – by being afraid and holding back – she doesn’t give herself all the tools she needs (momentum and power) to do it successfully either.

And we do the very same thing. At least I do.

Today as I finished up some housekeeping details and began to turn my attention towards my writing project, I felt that niggling sense of fear. Fear of failing. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of getting hurt. I am not so different from my daughter. But instead of not running hard enough or pounding the board hard enough, I start with the questions:

Should I plot more of this out first?

Should I go back and edit what I have?

Maybe I should read this writing book first?

Maybe I need to think more about this subplot first?

Maybe I should check Facebook…

See? Even though I have all the tools I need – a good handle on the plot and characters and voice of the piece – I fidget and fuss about jumping in.

There comes a season when it’s time to stop thinking about it and just run towards it. Whatever “it” is.

When you have your heart and your will submitted to God, then running towards what He wants you to do is the same thing as running towards Him – in that perfect childhood trust – and trusting that He will catch you in His arms. Every. Single. Time.

This year, well, I’d like to stop thinking so much and just trust the One whose Hands I am in. How about you?


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One thought on “don’t overthink it!”

  1. Oh yes, that’s exactly what I want. I was making a decision the other day, and I was playing my guitar and sort of singing to Jesus like, “Help me Jesus,” and it was beautiful. And then this; “i have to take a step; that’s what faith is all about, isn’t it, God? taking a step, not knowing what’s ahead but going anyway. because i trust Jesus.” and it was like then, i suddenly kind of understood what it means to let go, let God.

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