dreaming of vacation – Fun Friday

Well, today we are heading into the final weekend of the CYT show I’ve been working on – after these next four shows it will all be over. It’s sad on the one hand (the kids always cry!) but I’m looking forward to recharging after working on two shows back to back.

And I’m dreaming of vacation. We haven’t been on a vacation for quite some time and we’re debating about where we can go. Of course, financial considerations are foremost. There will be no jettting off to Paris! But I don’t need fancy to make for a nice vacation. Honestly – a little beach house where I can smell the wind and the waves sounds pretty heavenly right now!

It’s likely we’ll be able to get to the beach this year – which I’m thrilled about. But we’re really, really trying to save up for Disney World (not going very well right now). Probably won’t get there this year, but that’s the “dream vacation” right now.

So where do you dream of vacationing? Where will you go?

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