filmmaking days

Back on the film set tomorrow with my littlest one and hopefully we’ll be finished up with this film project after Saturday. It’s a gorgeous spot in Maryland near and inside a beautiful Georgian mansion. But I somehow have to make myself work while I’m there. Must. Write. Words. Lots of words. and they can’t be the same words repeated over and over. Nope. They actually must make sense. By the time you read this I’ll be on the set trying to convince myself to work.


I’m sure I’m the only writer who has ever struggled with procrastination in the entire universe right?

You all are always weeks ahead of deadline right?

It’s usually not this bad!!

Stinks that these words don’t count…


btw – I was trying to post video of Punky on the film set and realized that I don’t actually know how to post video. and because of aforementioned deadline I didn’t have time to play with it…I couldn’t even upload a picture #techfail

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