for teen writers

for Teen Writers

If you are a teen who already has a passion for writing, then you are already ahead of the game! My two pieces of advice for you:
Read Constantly

If you don’t adore reading and regularly immerse yourself in the world of books, then you are missing out on some of the best teaching available. When you read, you start to understand the structure of a story, how characters come alive and what makes a story work – or not work.

Write Constantly
Practice, practice, practice. And never stop. And don’t just start stories. starting a story is like starting a romance. It’s all warm and happy and fuzzy at first, but then the real work of a relationship sets in. Don’t just fall in love with your story – finish it. Finishing is as great an accomplishment as anything else.

Don’t be in a rush to get published. Yes, teens do get published in this world and if you’re a good enough writer, it could absolutely happen for you. But let that come later. Focus on becoming a great storyteller. Discover the stories that you’re meant to share with the world.

Be patient. Writing is a lifelong journey. Not a short sprint.

My philosophy? If someone’s already made a great list…then link it!
Some useful links just for you:

Sarah Darer Littman – a great list if resources!
Cicada Magazine
Teen Ink – an online magazine
Ink Pop – an online magazine for teen writers
A list of Contests for teen writers – an excellent list!

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