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Story Ninja offers mentoring services!

Mentoring services are perfect for those writers who need more help and guidance to finish their novels.

Student Mentoring

This specially priced package is specifically for those students who are under 21 years of age.

The 6-month package includes:

– 6 one hour Skype or in-person sessions (one per month)

– assistance with development of writing plan.

– weekly check-in on progress (also knows as your weekly kick-in-the-butt)

– review of work in progress with feedback (one per month)

Six months is enough time to finish the novel – however this will depend on the motivation and the work of the student so that can’t be guaranteed! But it won’t be for lack of trying. Please also know that a first novel is just that – the first one. Rarely is that novel “publishable” – but your student will learn an amazing amount of information through this process and will be far more equipped and ready to tackle their next project.


Adult Mentoring

This package includes all of the above plus a substantive edit of the completed novel (because I expect the adults to finish:-)

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