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Today on Secret High School – from someone who calls herself a “loser”

I really appreciate the beka series cause they helped me to realize that i needed to talk to someone, so i talked with one of the youth staff @ my church, and now i wanted to go back into my dark circle where i was before. what do i do? im so confused

Dear confused –

You’re not a loser. You are precious to God. And I’m so glad you were willing to talk to one of your youth workers. That was brave! And the temptation to go back into your “dark circle” doesn’t actually surprise me. By going to the staff at your church, you came out into the light about whatever those secrets were that you were holding onto. Coming into the light about things is always a good thing because out in the light we can get the help we need. There’s no help available to us if we sit in the dark. But the dark can be more comfortable – it can feel safer – even though it’s actually a prison. Staying in the light can be uncomfortable because you suddenly have people watching you, asking you how you’re doing and well, that can be a lot of pressure. But that’s where real change can happen. So of course the enemy will try and tempt us back into the dark – because that’s where he has control. It’s not easy to stay in the light because that’s where we can be changed – and “change” can be hard – it’s so good for us – but it’s hard. So you have to be brave and strong and be willing to stay out in the light with God and allow yourself to be challenged and changed and commit to living your life differently. You can do it with God’s help. Nothing is impossible with him.


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2 thoughts on “from one who says they’re a loser – secret high school”

  1. I feel the same way, though I’ve not told anyone anything, as i am still in the dark, and like it. My friends, and youth staff can tell something is wrong, although I won’t admit it.

    1. anon777 » as long as you like living in the dark, you probably will still stay there. My prayer for you is that you will catch a glimpse of the light – and long for it…

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