Giving at Christmas – when a donation is the perfect gift

I know many believers will often give a donation to a charity in lieu of a gift. It’s a blessing to everyone involved and reminds us that as we shop and wrap (because I do love giving gifts!), that donation giving is a great gift idea as well.

Many of the more well-known causes are the go-to charities for people. You can “buy” a cow for a village, donate money for water or any number of things and all of the causes are wonderful. But today I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you about a charity you might not be aware of.

E3 Kids International is a non-profit charity that partners with communities overseas. They help provide money and materials so that community leaders can equip and educate the orphaned and impoverished youth in their area. These aren’t Americans coming in to take over – instead, E3 offers support to the community itself.

One of their partner schools – Royal Kids School – is located in Kenya.

“Ngao and Grace Mazira are the founders and directors of Mikindani Royal Kids School. Since the school´s beginnings the Maziras have envisioned showing children the love of God, with a view to raising up future leaders. Under the Maziras´ leadership, Royal Kids School is a living, vibrant example of God´s compassion to the surrounding community in Mombasa.”


E3 comes alongside to help with funds for water, books, computers, food, buildings, libraries and teachers. That’s a lot of stuff that’s needed!

As E3 grows, they will be able to help other African schools raise new leaders that will help transform their communities. There are a number of ways to give. You can give a one-time or recurring donation that you can designate to go to the projects you care about. You can sponsor students to help pay for their school, clothing and food. Anyway you choose, 90% of what you give goes to directly to those in need.

E3’s mission is this:

We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities.  We strive to equip, empower, and educate impoverished youth in developing countries.  We believe in the exponential growth that results from investing in individual children and schools.  We are committed to investing in the education of children, because once they are empowered and are equipped with the necessary skills, free from the physical and emotional trap of poverty, they will continue to positively impact their communities.

In a time where there are so many causes and so many needs, then consider E3 Kids as you ponder that hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list. It’s a gift that gives across the miles and sows into a new generation of leaders. You can even stay up to date with pictures of students, their building projects and everything that is happening. So read about E3, get involved and give a donation today!


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One thought on “Giving at Christmas – when a donation is the perfect gift”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this ministry! It’s great that you are highlighting one of the lesser known charities since the bigger ones usually get more air time. I will definitely check them out. Have a happy new year!

    – Aimee

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