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There is nowhere where God is not at work.

We had a visiting speaker at our church yesterday and I must admit, I love listening to new voices. Especially ones with an accent – I seriously love accents. So even though there were moments where some subtitles would’ve helped, I found myself thoroughly engaged in the message. The speaker went through three myths – three lies from the enemy which I thought were profound, and worth sharing here.

He spoke about the book of Daniel and how Daniel found himself in Babylon- a place he didn’t want to be. A “second-choice” world.

We often end up in places where we don’t want to be, too. Places that are not the dream. I think I engaged so much in this message because I recently found myself thrust into circumstances beyond any explanation.  The road I was traveling was taken away suddenly and irrevocably. But even in the midst of the change of circumstance, God has not fallen from His throne. He is still God. And I have found that while I try to understand what this new road will hold, I have never felt closer to the Lord, and more sure of the fact that He holds my future. What the enemy wanted to destroy me with, God meant for my good. Of that I have no doubt.

When, like Daniel, we find ourselves in a world we do not wish to be in, we need to remember that God is at work there. The pastor brought up three main myths:

Myth #1 – If we walk close enough to God, we’ll get our first choice world. (or, if I do everything right I’ll get what I want)

Myth #2 – In my first choice world, I’ll be happy.

Myth #3 – I’ll only be able to be close to God in my first choice world (or, my spiritual life can only be right once the circumstances are the way I want them)

They are all untrue things – in fact, there are rather dangerous myths because truly, the pursuit of God never stops. In fact, it is in those harder places where we are truly soft enough to be molded more into His image. “Changing our circumstances” can never be the goal of our spiritual walks. A relationship with God is the only goal.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

“All these things” are the worries that people had – what to wear? what to eat? what to drink?

But can you see, contained within those three myths, the core of our culture’s thoughts about “being spiritual”? We pursue God for a goal other than knowing Him – to be happy, to try to get something we want, to try to change our circumstance. Those ideas are actually at the core of New Age & witchcraft thinking – not Biblical thinking. The truth is, if we truly trust and believe that God is for us, and has a good plan for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, then we can fully engage in the pursuit of our relationship with Him – with no concern as to the “other things”. We can know that wherever we find ourselves, God has a purpose and plan and we can continue to press in to Him and contend for our faith – no matter what surrounds us.

Even in a second-choice world – God is at work.

What about you? What can you do today to press into your relationship with God, despite your circumstances? To comment, click on the post title to get to the blog screen:-)

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