getting to know Jesus

God promises us that we can find Him – if we seek Him with all of our heart. (Check out Jeremiah 29: 11-13) God is a loving Father – he never forces His way into our lives – He must be invited. He also never forces us to do things His way – He invites us to give up what we want so that we can have all of the amazing things He promised us and planned for us. (And trust me – His plans are WAY better than our own!).
So how do you seek God? Well, that’s something that happens in your heart – but there are things you can do:


Praying isn’t only about telling God what you’re thinking and feeling (He definitely cares about those things!)- but it’s also about listening so that you can hear what He is thinking and feeling. It’s meant to be a conversation. And in order to truly pray & listen – you have to find a way to be by yourself, disconnected from everything else – and totally open to God. Some people like to find a quiet place like a closet, and others connect better on a walk – or sitting outside. It’s up to you & God to discover where you can best meet together.

read & study the Bible

The Bible has so many amazing treasures in it – and He tells us lots of important things in it. He shows us about Himself, what pleases Him, what upsets Him. Reading and studying the Bible are important things to learn to do. And not just knowing the stories or the things other people tell you it says – but really learning how to discover the truths. I’d suggest maybe doing a study on what “faith” really means. Look up all the verses that talk about faith and faithfulness. And then ask God to help you see how to use those verses in your own life. And when you’re struggling with questions – find out what God has to say about it in His word.

Bible Reading is important to do every single day. There’s a verse that talks about “hiding the word in our hearts” and in order to get the Word of God (the Bible) into our hearts, we must read every single day. Bible Study will take some more effort but it’s just as important. When you are first getting started, you can use Bible Studies that other people have put together. There are some great ones out there.


Worship can mean singing – but it doesn’t just mean singing – it’s an attitude of your heart. Worship is an attitude that says: God you are Lord and Creator. God, You know absolutely everything. God, You are greater than anything or anyone else. God, I surrender myself to You. God, I trust you and love you. Worship helps to get our hearts where they should be:-)

The important thing is to pursue the Lord each and every day. Every morning, before your feet even hit the floor, seek Him first, ask Him what he has planned for your day and be on the lookout for what He wants to show you.

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