how can we know God is real?

From A:

How are we suppose to know if were following the the right God Christianity makes the most sense but how I am and everybody else suppose to know if Jesus Christ is real this is the question that bothers me and nobody that I know, knows my secret and I don’t want them to I’m getting closer to God each day but I wish I new If I made the right chose and I hope I did.

Sarah’s thoughts:

I’m one who was lost for many years, and searched in many different directions before being found by God. I wanted the truth, above all else. It sounds like you do too. But I can assure you that Jesus – the Jesus found in the Bible – is the right choice. It’s not always an easy path – that’s why he called it “narrow” and said that “few find it”. But part of why it’s not an easy path is because this life we live, this world around us, it’s only a temporary home. Jesus is preparing you for eternity. And that means that sometimes, even frequently, He does things and allows things we don’t always understand. But He is with us, wanting us to press in, search for him and find him. Our faith is precious to Him, probably because faith is something we must exercise as we seek to follow Him. You have made the right choice. Your fears and doubts – they are normal, but they are also “earthly”. Let God’s spirit led you “by the spirit”. (Check out Galatians for some great stuff).

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