hurting myself

I promised my boyfriend I would stop hurting myself.

A week ago I tore my room apart screaming and whimpering like a wounded animal looking for my knife.

I think I need help but I’m too scared to admit I’m not the happy person everyone thinks I am.


Dearest H,

It is so hard to have a secret. Secrets isolate us. Secrets keep us in chains. The enemy wants to keep us isolated because it keeps us in chains. I know how hard it will be to speak up and admit that you are struggling – but you must. Don’t let the enemy keep you from hope and help. Because the biggest lie of all is the one that makes you think there is no hope. That it can never change. It can change. There is hope. With God, all things are possible. But the first step is to speak up – and get some help from a trusted adult. You need others by your side so that you can find your way to the healing God offers.

Here is a list of books and websites for both you – and the person you go to for help:

I’m hoping something here might be able to help you get started. And please, please know that I am praying for you. 

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