is Christianity real?

A Secret High School post from T:

people from different religions are so sure that their religion. So what makes christianity right. JUst because people say its right doesn’t mean it is. I am a christain ( i hope ) but i have been thinking about that.  i feel far but close to God.

i move about three times a year. we have two homes. i like one better than the other. My  parents are thinking of staying permantelty in the place i dont like. When we are at the place i dont like i just feel this ache in my heart. i pretend to be this happy preppy person but i am not. i haven’t told anyone. one day during PE i just lost it. i started crying and went to lunch. afterwards i was still crying and headed to my next class. the teacher talked but didn’t help. AT ALL. she just told me to write a paper about why i like it. i cant get rid of my ache. some one told me i am i could become depressed and that i need to see a counsolor but there is no way i will.

so what makes christainity so sure?

i dont why i just opened up. i try to kep those feeligns hidden. i might as just well backspace it.

Dear T –
Wow – there’s a lot of stuff going on for you! Wondering about Christianity. Your moves. Feeling depressed. I am sorry you’re struggling. Life can be so very hard sometimes. And of course, I’m just reading between the lines here, but I wonder if maybe you’re feeling unsure about God because of how hard your circumstances are right now. If you read about the Israelites in the Old Testament, they cried out for God to rescue them from Egypt and when He does, in a matter of a few days they’re complaining that they had it better back in Egypt. People tend to forget God when things are good, and blame him when things are bad. It’s always dangerous when we base our faith on how we’re ‘feeling” or what our circumstances are like. Feelings come and go. Faith is

“the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (Heb 11:1)

If you’ve read any of this website, you’ll know that I do believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He is real and active in the lives of His children today. But He is more interested in a real and authentic relationship with you – and less interested in simply fixing things. Now He may choose to fix things, He may change things, or He may ask us to trust Him through some hard times so that we can become more and more like Him.

Will you choose to follow Him even if things don’t work out exactly as you want them to?
Do you want to grow closer to God, in spite of what is happening around you?

I think the reason you didn’t backspace is because you do want more out of your life. But the key is not moving to a certain place or things being “better” – the key is Jesus. He’s got amazing plans for you, but those plans require you to let Him be in the driver’s seat. They require you to trust and follow day by day by day. But you have to choose that kind of life. You have to “seek first the kingdom of God” because that paves the way for everything else…

I’m praying for you T….

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