is your faith drifting

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. (Hebrews 2:1)

Not many of us regularly get on boats anymore (and the Bible uses quite a few boat metaphors) but let’s imagine this scenario.

Imagine yourself on the beach staring out at the Atlantic. (I’m imagining Nags Head but you can go with whatever floats your boat:-)

What do you suppose would happen if you got in a boat with no motor or sails and pushed out from the shore? You’d go wherever the tide wanted to take you. You’d be unable to steer, unable to move forward, you would just drift around in the waves.

It’s not much different with our faith. This world is very much like the ocean. It has powerful currents that will take us in any number of harmful directions. If our plan is not to head purposefully towards Jesus every day, we can start to drift. It’s not enough to be in the boat of faith. It’s not enough to simply believe. We must pursue God, each day, so that we will have the power to resist the currents that want to pull us away.

And I’m not just talking only about “things of the world” that might be harmful, but anything that distracts us from following after God. Anything that take us of course. Anything that makes us apathetic about our faith.

It’s hard to know where that course is taking us sometimes. We may not be able to see very far into the distance at all. But the one thing we can do is set our sights on Jesus alone, and those other details won’t matter because if we’re going after Him, then He’ll get us where we need to be.

Photo Credit: Andrew Beeston

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