like father, like daughter

Growing up, my Dad used to take me to an auction that was held each week. It wasn’t a pretty place. Long broken down buildings filled with row after row of rickety crooked tables covered with …junk. Throngs of people who likely hadn’t seen a shower or bath in quite some time. Household junk to antiques to unidentifiable items, we loved picking through the place looking for some treasure to bid on. We rarely bought much from the tables, it was more fun to browse, but where we both got into a bit of trouble was at the animal cages.

At the auction there was always a wide assortment of animals. Over the years, we brought home 3 geese (Frick, Frack & Phooey – who happened to be far better guards of the property than our dogs), a peacock and peahen pair (Napoleon & Josephine), a goat (can we say “buyer’s remorse”?), guinea pigs (I think we had over 50 of them), a rooster (to accompany our “chicken rescue activities” – that’s a whole post by itself!) and assorted other animals. Dad never had a problem bidding on these things because he liked having animals around just as much as me. Add those to our horses, chickens, dog and cats, and well, I was always surrounded by animals. Even when we didn’t live on the farmette, we always had animals.

So it’s my father’s fault!

We have quiet a few animals around here too. A dog, two cats, a lovebird (who is going on 16 years old!) a turtle (anyone want a turtle????), and a bunny (my youngest wanted one for her birthday and it was the only thing she asked for – how could I say no???)

Yesterday, we spent the day at the State Fair. (Can you tell where this is going yet?) There are rides and cotton candy and displays and lots and lots of animals. Some of them for sale.

So when Baby Girl held this sweet thing, and he was only $10, well, how could I say no???? We already had a cage and bedding and food. What’s one more bunny?? And seriously, look at those faces!

She didn’t even have to work hard to try and convince me.

I kind of love that my kids love animals. That they can cuddle and play and care for these beautiful creatures and remember that our Father in heaven is the One that created each and every one of them. (What? The spiritual application is totally true! But yeah, they were just too cute to say no to…)

btw – she’s still sorting through what she wants to name him – right now it’s Pepsi…

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