lonely and confused – secret high school

From Secret High School today:

i look like i have it all together
i look like i have tons of friends
i look like i am a good ol christian
i look like i am perfectly happy

but really deep down, im lonely and confused.
i have been asking god for a friend for two in a half years.
sure i have tons of friends, but none of them live close, or CONNECT with me.
i dont know why God isnt listening.
ive waited forever!!
and another one says something about the reason you aren’t being blessed is because i am just waiting for you to ask me!!
and i have asked!!! why isnt he listening?????
im sick of telling my parents bc they just say, oh God will you have to wait or maybe its no, or they dont know, and then they get all worried that i am going to shun God away.
i just want to know why He’s not listening to my prayers???

Dear lonely and confused,
My heart breaks for you – truly – and I want to assure you of one thing – He absolutely is listening. He hears every desire and prayer. He hears every ache of our hearts. He isn’t just ignoring us. He just knows so much more than we do. Never stop asking. Remember the widow at the judge’s house? (Luke 18:1-8) Never stop pouring out your heart to God.

I went to about 14 different schools by the time I started 8th grade. I was the perpetual new kid. And I ached for friends. But as soon as I’d make a friend I’d move away, so it almost became easier to not even bother. But there is something ingrained in us from God to want to be in fellowship with one another. We were created to be a body – separate yet functioning together. And the kind of fellowship that God talks about – deep fellowship – always makes me think of Anne of Green Gables – Anne called those people “kindred spirits” – friends who just got you completely, connected with effortlessly, understood you and accepted you. Kindred spirits – deep and lasting friendships – it’s really something that we all want and need. And the need and desire for it never really goes away.

The thing is – you just never know where you might find a kindred spirit. And that’s where I’d like to encourage you to keep praying, but step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we pray and expect God to drop what we want it in our laps, when He is instead asking us to stand up and seek. To reach out beyond ourselves. To try new things.
Join a club. Play a sport. Take a class. Volunteer. Serve.
Reach out.
Because I bet that there are other girls right around you, praying for the same exact thing. But how will you connect with one another, if you don’t step out and do things and engage in the life around you?

Take a moment and come up with 5 things you could try. 5 things that you’re interested in. And start doing them. Meet new people. If you focus on getting out there and serving God and exploring the gifts and talents that He has put in you, you’ll naturally start to meet new people – and maybe even a kindred spirit or two.

I am praying for you! And let us know how it goes!

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