Much Ado About Rob Bell & Hell – part 2

Apparently the book has come out and more and more people are chiming in with their thoughts on Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins”.

I haven’t had time to read it yet. I’m in the midst of a theater production with 80 kids in the cast and 3,000 moving parts and I’m pretty sure I won’t start fully breathing again until the show closes. Anyone who does theater understands:-)

I continue to watch what’s going on though and have seen the chatter. So today I’m going to offer up several more links for you. I’ll chime in more on the subject once I’ve actually had time to…ahem…read the book!

First I give you a post by Randy Alcorn at his Eternal Perspectives Ministries blog. It’s an excerpt from his book “If God is Good” that is well worth your time. Especially in light of the times we are living in.

The next is an interview with Rob Bell himself on MSNBC. Worth watching as well:

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