Much Ado about Rob Bell

Do you have any idea who Rob Bell is? I’ve been somewhat familiar with his work since Velvet Elvis came out a few years back. And as a filmmaker, I was blown away with the Nooma video series and it’s high artistic production values  – plus their ability to start great conversations. Rob Bell is typically categorized loosely in the “emergent” movement – though as a whole that movement is not so easily categorized.

Well, last week, a twitter-storm over Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins erupted as people chimed in about what they believed might be contained within the book. The knee-jerk reaction was primarily because of an intro video that Rob Bell himself produced:


Both sides seemed to get upset – either about what they thought Rob Bell was insinuating or about people making assumptions before they’ve read the book. Well, slowly, the book reviews are starting to come in – though the book itself will not release until March 15. I am no theologian, so I sincerely doubt I’ll be trying to tackle any review of this book on my own. I’m a fan of the mantra “If others have said it well, then don’t repeat, just link.”

So if you’re interested in the debate – and you should be because honestly – it proposes exactly the kind of questions that so quickly divide us.

I read this review today on And I’ll post others as I find them.

You can also check out:

Two-Handed Warriors (This post links to several other articles to check out.)

The Tenth Leper (great blog title – he has several posts about the book)

The Huffington Post (points out the issues of ‘both sides”)

For me, I’ll reserve my own opinions until after I read the book. Having been attacked and accused on more than one occasion, I’m not a fan of doing that to anyone else. But I will be honest and say that I am concerned.

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