my ______ is a witch

Many people find my site because they have a loved one who is a witch – and they don’t know what to do. It’s amazing what you can learn about the needs and hurts of people by the search terms they use.

my daughter, my next door neighbor, my _______  is a witch.

It’s a plea I hear frequently. And yet one that has no easy answer. I’d love to be able to say – here are 4 steps to witnessing to a witch and that’s it! But the reasons people choose paganism or witchcraft are quite complex. And hardly one size fits all. So this topic is one we’ll have to explore slowly. One piece at a time. It’s part of why I started this blog in the first place. To help – in whatever approximation that I can. To encourage you that those trapped in paganism and witchcraft can be radically affected by the love of Christ. To challenge teens and young adults to steer clear of occultic thinking.

But at the same time, I am not going into this flippantly. When I got a chance to talk about my journey out of witchcraft on The Tyra Banks Show and becoming a Christian, I received hate mail for months from pagans who were angry about my claims. It’s really not fun to poke a hornet’s nest. But because I believe with all of my heart that witchcraft is a practice that is prohibited by God and it’s prohibited precisely because it is a dangerous, dangerous thing, I’ll keep talking about it.

And talking about it.

The fact is that most people who consider themselves witches began that journey in their teens.

It makes sense since their is the belief that true witches are drawn to the craft on their own. So teens are the most vulnerable to the deception. And frankly, there is far too much bad information out there available. So all I want to do is offer a different perspective.

So with this post, we begin.



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4 thoughts on “my ______ is a witch”

  1. My husband is Hmong. He and his family are Christian but his cousins, people I love very much are part of the old religion. It’s not exactly witchcraft but they go to shamen, they go into trances to meditate with the spirit realm and they live in fear of ghosts and the dark. I used to think it was superstitioun. But every time I tried to witness, to take someone to church crazy things happened. People there had dreams warning them about me…about church. I finally realized they were talking to something and that something talked back. But it was not God or good. I could feel the darkness in the communities when I vistited and then I started to pray. Prayer is spiritual warfare. When I did that things began to happen on my end of the battle…Good stuff…a few came to know Jesus…actually started reading the Bible I gave them. I’m stiill praying for many and God is still moving and the spirits the Hmong worship keep pulling some back. But God is bigger and I keep praying. And many have hated me in the community but they hated Jesus too so I’m in good company and so are you.

    1. Wow – thanks for sharing that! There are SO many communities like that – they may not be classic looking witchcraft, but the supernatural forces they are dealing with are not only real, they are from our enemy. And yes, prayer is the battleground, but the battle belongs to the Lord. It’s good to know, isn’t it:-)

      1. Absolutely glad it’s His battle. Takes the pressure off my shoulders. I just need to obey, pray and be sensitve to His leading.

  2. Sarah,

    I believe the Lord led me to your site. I am looking for resources for updating some Christian books for teens on witchcraft, the occult and the paranormal. Perhaps you would have some resources for me? Even your own testimony would be amazing. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll tell you more!


    Suzanne Gosselin

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