my anniversary…a royal celebration

Right now, 16 years ago, I was getting my hair curled for my wedding day. (I have a lot of hair and it took them quite a while). I got my nails done (the only time I’ve ever had a manicure in my entire life!) and I went to the chapel to get married.

Right before – I was so nervous. My dad cried. (And since I lost my father to cancer seven years ago, this picture means that much more to me today). I got married in 1995 so my dress choice kind of reflects the style of the day. I loved the dress. I felt like a princess in it. And we got married in a beautiful church so I wanted a train to follow me down the aisle.

I loved that train – and what I especially loved is that the entire train came off and the dress bustled so that I could enjoy the reception without twenty extra pounds of fabric:-)

And the groom – my Prince Charming. He didn’t come with a title. Or a castle. But he adored me – and still does! And isn’t that what every girl dreams of? Isn’t that what we all really want? I am so grateful to God who knew exactly the right person for me – long before I did.

So now my anniversary will forever be linked to Wills & Kate. I’m still tired from getting up early to watch the royal festivities, and remember my own wedding. Tonight, I’ll have a lovely dinner with my husband. Wearing a tiara. Because it’s a royal wedding day now! (And let’s face it – we’re children of the King of Kings so that pretty much makes us all royalty.) Pictures to come! (‘Cause I’m not exactly ready yet!)


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