our dreams vs. God’s dreams for us

As I work my way through the Bible again, I am currently reading Job.
This is not exactly the most warm-fuzzy-make-me-feel-good kind of book.
It is full of sorrow. And lots of questions.
Especially for a Monday morning.

But it highlights something that we all have to be willing to embrace. The sovereignty of God. He is God – and we are not.

I know there are many, many people in our nation who “believe” in God. But what does that mean? What does that mean to you? I have found that as we raise our children, we distinguish between those who “believe” in God, and those that “believe & follow” God. There is an important difference there.

If we say we love God, if we say we follow Him, then there will be points in our lives where what we want is not the same as what He wants for us, and we come to a decision.

Do we want what WE want, or what God wants?
Our will or His will?

I probably couldn’t even count up the number of times over the years of following Jesus that I have come to that crossroads. Where I’ve had to lay down a deep desire on the altar before the Lord and say, “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

This past year, as I’ve mentioned, has been a very difficult one. One where I have not so much wrestled with the willingness to lay down my own desires (I know His plan is always better than the one I’ve got anyway) but more so with where it is that He is leading me. Right now, I’m not sure. So I wait. And pace. And yes, I fret sometimes.

But when I begin to fret, I keep returning to this idea, reminding myself that even when I cannot see, He can. Even when I cannot understand, He is at work. And when it’s time, He’ll lead me where He wants me to go.

So if you’re in that place as well, well, you’re not alone my friend. Maybe we can have some coffee while we wait:-)


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