our role in a cultural movement

I’m of the opinion that Christians should be impacting – and changing – culture.

That’s not what usually happens unfortunately. Too often and too pervasively, the church is far more impacted by culture than the other way around. It wasn’t always so. The church used to be a leader of culture, a patron of the arts and the voice that was heard.

Not so anymore. But what should our response be? Give up? Give in? Shrug our shoulders and pray for the Lord to come quickly?

I think we need to remember the courage and boldness of the disciples after Pentecost. When they were led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, culture changed. They led a movement that continues to this day. But our movement has lost momentum.

I have been listening in on Twitter (#Story11) as the Story 2011 Conference goes on in Chicago. I can’t be there, but I wish I was. So many things resonate. Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention:

Where are the poets and prophets? – Ann Voskamp

‎The credibility of our message comes into question when we do mediocre work. – Kyle Cooper

We know Easter but shy away from Pentecost. – Darren Whitehead

Talent follows material. Actors/Directors cut their price to see a great story told. – Ed Saxon

God launched a movement with ordinary, every day people like you & me. – Ed Saxon


What does it take for a Great Cultural Movement?

In my opinion – it takes three things.

When Jesus lives within us through the Holy Spirit then we strike out with a courage we are incapable of on our own. If we do not feel awed and incapable of the vision before us, then it may not be God’s vision. His vision requires courage and a complete resting on His power to accomplish it. Anything less is just human.

We were built for community. We were designed to live and work together. Even the disciples had disagreements about little things, but they worked together to accomplish something bigger than themselves. We long to live in community with those that “get us”. Those that hear the same heartbeat of God that we do. Find that community and you will find strength for the journey you are on together.

We all carry just one piece of the puzzle. Other people have other pieces that fit together perfectly with ours. As we fit our pieces together with others, the vision that God gave expands and changes as you get a wider perspective. Be willing to be flexible with what you see because you may only be seeing part of the picture. Trust that God works through others as much as he works through yourself. Never be above input, feedback and collaboration. It’s what makes us all better than we can be on our own.

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2 thoughts on “our role in a cultural movement”

  1. I love this post. I’m now following your blog from your IV article. When I saw that you’re an author I got to excited because your books are on my “to read” list (library does not own them last I checked) and the fact that you’re an IV alum makes me so happy.

    Anyway, on to my comment. I think you’re right on with your three c’s. Especially community. I think when the world sees believers living in true community we really do stand apart and make others take notice. We all crave community, but we allow too many other things get in the way.

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