pretending with God

From SN:

I pretend that my relationship with God is great and that I am on the right path
I really am struggling to find the path my relationship with God should take; like a person without sight
I wish for the light in the dark to give me hope again so I feel the love of God in my life
I might be different if I found the answer that was right for me

From Sarah:

Why is it so dark for you, SN? Why are you wandering? Let’s start at the beginning: where are you really at with God? What do you really believe? You can read more about finding Jesus and getting to know Jesus.

Okay – try looking for more of God – rather than answers. The thing is, “walking with God” truly is something that doesn’t just “happen”. We have to be purposeful in our faith. The Apostle Paul describes it as “running a race” (read Hebrews 12:1-2). No one “accidentally” runs a race. No. They train, they plan, they keep running. That’s basically how we need to pursue God. Focus on finding out more about Him. Getting to know who He is. What His voice sounds like. What matters to Him. Read the Bible to discover these things. Spend time talking with Him, and listening to Him. Be patient. Relationships take time. But you’ll soon discover that God has lots to say to you.

Lord – I ask that you surround SN with Your love and help her to encounter You in a fresh way. Let her come to know You in a deep and personal way and that You would be the light in the darkness for her.


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