From E:

Who I pretend to Be: I pretend to be a completely, hard-to-break-through kind of person. But, who am I really? I am really a lonely, sad, depressed person, who hides who she really is.

I wish I could tell people who I really feel, but I know I can never. If I do, I might get made fun of. Just seeing how I really am, just doesn’t fit who I’ve made myself look like. I feel like Beka.

I actually wrote this..

Sometimes you

Just gotta let

Go and scream

To the world

Just how you feel.

Without hate

The world would

All get along,

Boring and too


Sometimes hate is

Just what we all

Need in our life,

And nights

Without color.

We all need

All need darkness

And sometimes light

In our life

But tonight is

The night for just


Rain streaking down

The sun not rose

This is how

The day goes

As darkness


The sun cannot fight

The light cannot show

The darkness must

Eventually overflow.

The world in its

Screaming hands.

The time will

Come in which

You will lose

The crown

Your glory

And your reign.

Myself my words

I ain’t repeating

I hate you

You hate me

Let’s not play

This game,

No, no reason.

 I love your work, Sarah, and I am currently on the last book of Becoming Beka(The Encore). My teacher recommended it to me, for I am a heavy reader. When I read, I feel like I can be myself; as if it is right. The person I try to portray, is someone I would, as a younger child, never want to be. I find myself in places such as Lucy; in a party, in which I know I do not belong. Although my heart may not be on a straight path with God, I will, in the end, find my way like Beka. I am only fourteen years old; a freshman, of course. Many years to go, many experiences to come.
Dear E – 

I’m glad the books have blessed you, but more than anything, my prayer for you is that you would find your way back to God. He is never lost, He is always with us. We are the ones that wander. We are the ones that want to only give him bits and pieces, rather than our whole heart. Read Luke 11. He knows the real you, so you can be completely real with Him.

Praying for you,


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