puppies & the art of patience


Meet Belle. Belle is a puppy. She’s quite young. And quite cute. This is good. Being super cute is very helpful for the people in her life who walk around with Resolve and paper towels within arm’s reach. All. Day. Long.

Belle is having difficulty with the whole “where to go potty” thing. She understands about half of it – when she is taken outside she knows exactly what to do and she is rewarded with love and attention and treats.

The problem comes with the other half of the equation “where NOT to go potty”. This is the side she has not yet mastered. She has not discovered that she can ask to go outside when she has to go.

What this means for her humans is that they are on potty watch. All. Day. Long. Taking her outside at various intervals so that she can go potty where she is supposed to go potty. The humans are at her mercy as they cajole and talk in tones usually reserved only for infants as they try to explain “go here!” “not here!”

It is exhausting for the humans.

And this is why her cuteness is a valuable asset. The humans keep doing this week after week, hoping that at some point, the spark of understanding will break through her impossibly cute head.

And all of this makes this human wonder –

How patient has God had to be with me?

How often has He patiently guided and encouraged and taught as He waits for me to understand what He is asking of me?

How many of many mistakes have been wiped away by a God who is impossibly in love with me?

Oh, how great, how wonderful, how amazing is Jesus…

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5 thoughts on “puppies & the art of patience”

  1. As a mom who is in the process of potty training twin girls that are at that exact same stage (they know what to do in the bathroom, but don’t realize that they should always go to the bathroom to do so), this is a very timely post. What a great reflection on God’s love and patience in a real life scenario.

    1. Heather Hart » Awww, thanks SO much! And blessings to you on those twins! And all I can promise you is that WILL figure it out…eventually;-)

  2. This reminds me of the trials and obstinance that is potty-training my two year old son. He’s got such pride, and frustrating as it is, so so sweet!

    Still. I’ll be singing praises when this lengthy task is accomplished!

    1. Yep! You’ll get through it. My third daughter understood the whole concept – she just wasn’t interested in actually doing it! We were within a few months of starting preschool (where potty training is required!) and she just up and decided to be done with the diapers. She was always her own little person – still is! Christina »

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