This morning I’ve done little else besides drink coffee and deal with my overflowing e-mail inbox. I find sifting through e-mails and sorting them to be exactly the kind of brainless activity I needed today. It needed to be done, and I needed the brain recovery time.

Ten long weeks and eight fabulous CYT shows accomplished and today I am looking at a break stretching out before me. It’s not like I’ll be vegging out and watching Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls on DVD though.

I have a book to finish writing.
I’m toying with the idea of putting together a new proposal.
I may jump into Script Frenzy to write that screenplay that’s been tugging at my heart for so long. Hmmmm – still a few days to decide on that one – anyone else doing it?

And I’m still a mom with three active and amazing kids who need rides absolutely everywhere!

We all have to give ourselves recovery time, but it can be hard when there’s so much to do. I find I have to give myself permission to just take a day and recover.

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