Spring is springing

I adore the spring time (Ahhh-choo!) – even with the sneezing and itchy eyes it tends to cause. Spring reminds me that even after a long winter, new life is possible. And boy has this winter been a doozy. Yesterday I had to make a hard decision – ever have one of those? But now that the decision is made and finished, today I feel better. Relieved. Because even though I struggle at times, in my heart, I know what God is telling me to do. And what He tells me to let go of. It’s what’s ahead that I’m unsure of:-)

For several years, I was on a path that I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God had me on. Then, all of a sudden, the door slammed shut. God is never out of control, and I know that He is with me in the slamming as much as He is with me in the walking. But everything I thought I knew changed so quickly and so suddenly. I looked down and found myself on a new path, unsure where that new path was leading.

The funny and crazy thing is that it’s all a little…exhilarating! There is no safer place than to be in the hands of God. I know that He is capable of doing things beyond what I can think or imagine. And spring reminds me that underneath the brown, dry branches and ground, spring is just waiting to burst forth.

And of course, the greatest bursting forth of all, from death into life, is Jesus Himself. That celebration of Resurrection. That glorious empty tomb. That’s what this week is about. That’s what we will celebrate together.

And I will keep working diligently in the small plot of ground the Lord has given me to tend. Each time I start to worry or fret over what this new path is, He tells me sweetly, quietly, to just keep working. Keep focused on Him. He knows where the path is leading – and that’s enough.


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