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I think it’s fitting that I found out about the passing of Steve Jobs on my iPhone last night. But I am surprised at the emotions I feel – this is a man I’ve never met. The coverage on his death is astounding, and is a tribute to how widely Steve’s work affected us all – and changed the world we live in. He was a true innovator.

My own father died of pancreatic cancer. It’s a nasty disease. Steve Jobs talked openly of the death he knew would come for him sooner than anyone would want. He was just 56 years old, and yet look at what he accomplished! Just look at the legacy he left behind! It’s amazing.

But also sobering. Because this world we live in? It’s only a temporary home. We are built for eternity. And this morning, as I ponder the fact that our world has lost someone of great genius and innovation, I can’t help but wonder – where is he now?

I don’t know what Steve Job’s spiritual condition was. I do know that those who get the chance to face their own mortality as Steve did can begin to seek – maybe for the first time in their lives. It can make them ponder questions of eternity. So maybe he and God had a very important talk before the end. I hope so. Because even though Steve may not have realized it, acknowledged it or understood it – his gifts were from our Father in heaven. It should be a challenge to all Christians – are we using the gifts and talents that God has given us with the same enthusiasm and gusto that Steve Jobs did? How much more might he have accomplished if God was in the lead? It just goes to show that if Steve’s life reflects what a man can accomplish, what is possible for us, as Christians, when we submit ourselves to God and follow His lead? How might we affect culture?

Change the world?

While I think the world is partially mourning the idea that perhaps the world will never see another innovator like Steve, I have no doubt that there are many men and women out there who can accomplish great things. But will they have the courage? Will they seek God? Are they willing to step out and be brave in following God?

What does God have for you?

my two cents today,

My prayers are with his family and friends, who are mourning in a way the world can cannot conceive…

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3 thoughts on “steve jobs & eternity”

  1. I appreciate this post because it puts into words a lot of what I was thinking while reading so many blog posts and facebook comments about his life and death. Too few people even thought about his home for eternity.

    1. Laura ยป So true – I often wonder about the spiritual state of those we see in the news and in films and on TV shows and pray for them often – that someone in their life would speak of Jesus…

      1. I must admit I prayed for Britney Spears a whole bunch when she was in the media all the time. Her life just seemed to be spiraling out of control and all I knew to do was pray for her!

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