take a “bath”

Mama said there’d be days like this…

Days when everything seems to go wrong.

Unexpected news that changes plans and forces sacrifice.



Life is unfortunately full of days that are less than bright & sunshiny. In this world we will have trouble. But while Jesus tells us this plainly, He also says, “But take heart. I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16:33).

We can’t always fix circumstances or change someone else’s bad attitude. *sigh* But we can deal with our own. I try to do three things when I find myself getting into a funk about something. (And seriously, I’ve had to put this into practice as recently as this morning:-)

1. Be honest

It’s not wrong to have emotion – which is a good thing because I’m *clears throat* a rather emotional person in general. The trick is finding out what to do with those emotions. And that’s “give them to God”. I hate using that phrase because it’s so “what does that mean???” but it’s also pretty accurate. Be honest with God. He is not afraid of your anger, your tears, your sorrow or your joy and delight. (If you don’t believe me go read Psalms…) Talk to Him, be honest with Him, pour out all those things in front of Him, then leave them there…

2. Take a bath

Not a literal bath (though those can be pretty nice, too) – but a metaphorical one. Pick up the Word and read. Read a book. Drink it in. Flip through and find passages you’ve marked and remember things that God showed you. Check out what God says about you. About life. Remember that what you find in the Word is the truth, not what the world says about you.

3. Be grateful

Once I’ve swum around in the Word for a while, it’s always easier to remember – and be genuinely grateful – for the blessings I have. When we get our focus off our circumstances and back on Him, then we can look at life through a better lens. We can remember that yes there is trouble, but there is also blessing, and there is Jesus, who is with us through it all.

Lord, help us to keep our focus on You today and to be simply grateful that we belong to You. Give us wisdom to navigate through whatever challenges we are facing and to trust You above anything else. Amen


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