taxes, allergies and children home from school

All of which can completely mess with any plans I might have had for the day!

Tax Day – thankfully we got our taxes finished and turned in a while back. I can be the Queen of Procrastination but not when it comes to taxes. That’s because we usually get a return and I want that as soon as humanly possible! But I’m sure there are others scrambling around trying to get it all done and in. God bless you!

And Spring has finally sprung – onto my face – well, figuratively anyway. I have that stuffy, headachy, itchy eyeballs kind of feeling today and I am pretty positive it all has to do with that yellow cloud being blown around outside. So thankful for the green grass coming and the buds on the trees and the pretty flowers but oh how I pay the price for such pleasures! I’m sure my fellow allergy sufferers can understand. But it’s more of a nuisance than anything else, and I’d certainly rather have the Spring! It’s been a hard winter for us in so many ways. Maybe one day I’ll share more about it here. Right now it still feels too raw. I’m healing, I know that for sure. And I am fully convinced that God has everything well in hand. I just continue to follow one step at a time. But those steps are a bit more light in flip flops than my winter boots:-)

And I have my tween home from school today. She said she didn’t have to go. No – I didn’t actually verify that. She’s delightful and it’s impossible to get any work done because she sings and hums and wants to talk. But I pretty much adore my kids and they are way more important than any thing that might come up. The work will get done – even if I have to pull a Castle.

RICK (a successful mystery author, talking about his protege, who is coming for a visit): He wants to learn more about my writing process.
RICK’S MOM:  And by process you mean your procrastination until the very last second…
RICK’S DAUGHTER: …and then writing out in a desperate panic in a caffeine-induced haze? That one?
RICK: No, not that one.

(I love Castle! We actually came into the series late but once we discovered it we were hooked.)

And this Friday post has been brought to you by Stream of Consciousness University.


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