becoming beka series

The Becoming Beka Series

The Becoming Beka Series follows Beka Madison through her junior and senior years of high school. Come share Beka’s journey as she faces the ever-shifting waters of family, friends and faith.

Here’s what others have had to say about the series:

I absolutely loved Becoming Beka! i cried so much, i laughed, i screamed. i love ur writing. The becoming beka series was amazing. Your BIGGEST FAN! ~B. R. Age 15

iv’e been so depressed and anxious lately but your books have really lifted my mood and really helped me to see the light through the day. I never feel like reading the bible, but just reading your books gives me courage to do so. ~S.V. Age 16

I just finished reading your Becoming Beka series. I LOVED IT! I felt like I could connect to her in so many ways. ~ S.H. Age 14

I couldn’t believe it, but after The Masquerade you got me hooked!I was completely addicted to your series. ~H. Age 13

Learn more about each title:
The Masquerade
The Alliance (2)
The Passage (3)
The Reveal (4)
The Encore (5)

And the spin-off book about Beka’s sister Lucy, Totally Unfamous, is available at Amazon.

While the Becoming Beka series may not be on the shelf at your bookstore – it can be ordered through any bookstore (have them check under my name) and they are available at online retailers like Amazon and

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