The Masquerade

The Masquerade
(Becoming Beka Book 1)

Beka has been trying to move on with her life since her mother’s tragic accident, but it feels like she’s going nowhere fast.

In some ways, things are looking up. Gretchen, the most popular girl in the junior class, talks Beka into auditioning for the school musical. Lori, the new girl with a mysterious past, seems like she might turn out to be a good friend. And Mark, the cutest and nicest guy Beka knows, suddenly starts noticing her.

But things are not so good at home. Beka’s brother and sisters won’t leave her alone. her scary dreams keep coming back. Her dad’s new female friend starts showing up. And worst of all, Beka has a secret she can’t share with anyone, especially not her family. Her big secret is turning into lots of smaller secrets, and she’s not sure how much longer she can hold everything together.

As it turns out, Beka’s not the only person with secrets. But before she can get a new start on life, she’ll have to be honest about who she is.
Will Beka face up to the truth before something drastic happens?

Discussion Guide for The Masquerade

Think you’d like to use The Masquerade to help lead small group discussions with your junior or senior high? Well, I’ve put together something to make it easier for you. I have Discussion Questions for each chapter of The Masquerade that you can use as you move through the book! E-mail me at sarah {at} becomingministries [dot] org for a copy!

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