The Passage

The Passage
Becoming Beka Book 3

As Beka’s Junior year winds to a close, Josh and Mark are both vying for her affections. Since Josh is going to college in Seattle in the fall, it seems clear that Mark, a fellow junior, is her best chance for finally having a boyfriend. But with her dad’ strict rules about spending time with guys, Beka’s left frustrated and wondering if having a boyfriend will ever happen.

But Beka has other problems to deal with. Her older brother will be heading off to college and she’s not sure she’ll survive her senior year without him. Her dad is spending a lot of time with a woman Beka can’t stand. And worst of all, Gretchen is being nice. Now that’s confusing. Surely she hasn’t forgotten about The Snack Shack. Beka knows it’s only a matter of time before she tries to get revenge.

If only Beka could open the Bible and have it spell out who she should date and what she should do about Gretchen, life would be so much easier. But then again, maybe God does have something to say about the confusion of real life –

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