Totally Unfamous

Totally Unfamous

A Becoming Beka series spin-off novel.

What is Totally Unfamous?
a) An experiment

b) A one-of-a-kind book

c) a story told in poetry

d) all of the above


Totally Unfamous came about because of…you! I was receiving so many letters from fans of the Becoming Beka series begging for more books that I just had to think of something! I wasn’t ready to write the rest of Beka’s story yet, so I decided to embark on a spin-off. I started thinking about telling Lucy’s story but “she” kept wanting me to tell it through poems. I loved the idea and fell in love with this type of story-telling. I hope you will love it, too. This is a way for my fabulous fans to have a new story without waiting forever. No worries, I’m still at work on projects that will become actual books, but for now, I hope you grow to love Lucy as much as I have.

In Totally Unfamous you will find Lucy at seventeen years old, a little more than two years after the Beka series ends with The Encore.

Totally Unfamous is available for the Kindle at a special introductory price! Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay – you can download the kindle app for your computer or smartphone.

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Here’s a sneak peek!

Lucy, 17
Nowheresville, USA
You are about to read my story. I don’t mind sharing it because you don’t know who I am. Being totally unfamous has its advantages.


What they see
They see

a gymnast

a girl

an athlete

a student
someone quiet

someone average

someone small
They don’t see

so much

They don’t wonder

if every time I flip

my body into the air

doing some crazy trick



once did

if maybe I haven’t

lost myself

in this gym

I call


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