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I recently went on a school field trip and toured the National Cathedral for the first time. I’m not sure I was expecting much more than spending the day with one of my fabulous girls, so I was surprised by how breathtaking it was.

When I was in high school – and I was still a practicing witch during that time – I still remember walking into the cathedrals of Europe and being overcome with awe. There was no question that I was in God’s house. That’s what I felt again – awe. I think by building utilitarian, boring, warehouse style churches we’ve lost the sense of awe and wonder that God’s house should inspire. (And yes, I realize that WE are God’s house now, but the place we go to worship corporately should still inspire a sense of awe and wonder towards Who we are worshiping.)

But I digress.

Our tour guide was fabulous and I wish I had tape-recorded all the tidbits she dropped along the way as she led fifty some sixth grade girls through the chapels. But there was one tidbit that stuck with me. How the Gutenberg Bible changed everything.

For centuries, many people could not read or own a Bible for themselves. they depended on the men in robes to tell them what they needed to know. Then along came a Bible, and the ability for everyone to read it for themselves. And decide for themselves what it says.

I’d imagine that many of you own not only one Bible, but several. I even have a Bible in French – which I can no longer read (Sorry Madame Cataldi!) The thing is, just because we can, doesn’t mean we do.

We have the Bible at our fingertips – God’s letter to us – filled with a dramatic and sometimes uncomfortable story that contains the keys of life for us even today. And yet, I wonder how many people never actually crack it open. It seems we’ve become vaguely aware of what it says and then we decide everything else based on how we “feel”.

We can never afford to be vague about the Bible. It is our manna – our daily bread – we cannot eat a few bites and expect that it will be enough to sustain us. It is meant to challenge us and change us. But it cannot do the work it is meant to do without our effort. I hear from so many readers looking for answers – looking everywhere. But if we will commit ourselves to look daily into the word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate the truth, then we will begin to find those answers as we walk closer to Him. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those answers will be the ones we want, but we can be assured that God’s leading in our lives is always the right path.


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