the brave new world of publishing

At heart, I am a storyteller. While I enjoy telling stories in a variety of ways (writing books, writing screenplays, writing and directing plays), it always comes down to sharing stories. And since I’m an author, I’ve been reading about and following what is happening in publishing today. And wow – it’s wild out there right now!

But it doesn’t just affect writers – it affects readers too. And I wonder if the readers know…

My brand new book has been written for quite some time, but it won’t come out until early 2013 – which basically feels like forever to me. (And to some of you who have been waiting forever for me to come out with a new book – you. are. awesome.) The wheels of publishing have always turned quite slowly. Everything takes forever.

But with e-books, a writer can – conceivably – write the book and get it out within weeks rather than years. This is exactly what many authors are doing. They can skip the publishers and go straight to the readers, using the Internets to find those that want that book. It’s SO tempting. I’m still a fan of traditional publishing. They have served as gatekeepers for a long time – readers knew that if they bought a book, that it was alreday vetted by publishing professionals – people who are supposed to “know” if it’s good or worthwhile.

When my mom asked me last year what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a Kindle. I like my Kindle. It’s a cool concept. And I’ve downloaded an awful lot of free books. But.

I have yet to read a whole book on my Kindle. I do not know why this is.

I went out and bought “Falling Together” a few days ago – the hardback. There’s just something about holding a thick hardcover book in my hand. The feel. The smell. There’s nothing quite like it.

And yet I can’t help but wonder if it would be worth it to explore the world of e-publishing. I have quite a few stories that I would love to share with my readers, yet know it would take SO long to ever get them out. But are that many people reading e-books? And for me – the much bigger question – do teens and twenty-somethings read books this way? Does anyone know?

And how do those readers find the books they want to read? The e-book world is kind of like a giant thrift store. Thousands of items packed into every corner of the web. How do you sort and sift? How do you find what you’re looking for? How do you find the books that are worth reading? (Because – the big problem with everyone being able to publish a book with a click of the button is that everyone can publish their stuff – even if it’s awful.) That means that readers are sifting through that giant thrift store looking for a specific kind of item.

I don’t really have any answers – just lots of questions right now.So chime in if you have thoughts:-) I’d love to hear them!




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One thought on “the brave new world of publishing”

  1. I, personally, absolutely love reading books — as in, the published, in-print ones. I mean, I’ve been on this computer for less than an hour and my eyes are ready for a rest. Reading an e-book would exhaust me!

    Oooooh, a new book? I’m excited. And one of my friends will be too, I’m sure — because even though we’re not in the same class anymore, I remember being in library last year and she picked up your book, saying they were the only ones she read!:)

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