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August 6 – 11, 2011               Ridgecrest – LifeWay Conference Center – North Carolina

If you are a Christian who is called to any kind of media arts; filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, writing, graphic novels, songwriting, singing, then make plans to join us at The Gideon this summer. I’ve been to this conference every year since it began and each year it just gets better and better. I wouldn’t miss it. This year will include a writing conference happening side by side with the film conference and you will be able to enjoy a plethora of classes in just about any field. Not convinced? Why should you go?

1. We need each other

Face it, Christians have a lot to offer one another. We are meant to function as a body and you just never know where God might bring that exact person you need to help fulfill a vision that God has put in you both. We need to be able to encourage one another and support one another and inspire one another in a faith walk that includes the crazy world of the media arts.

2. It’s an investment

Hands down, attending a conference is worth the expense because there is nowhere else you can get such an intensive and instructive experience. Nowhere else can you sit around and talk with like-minded individuals who may challenge, inspire and encourage you as you seek to fulfill the calling that God has placed within you. Learning is something we never grow too old or too experienced to do. And maybe you have something valuable that the Lord wants you to share with others. The Gideon is the kind of conference where you are investing in God’s people and they in turn, are investing in you. That’s kind of a beautiful thing to see.

3. Fellowship

We all need it. And I don’t know about you, but the crazy life I lead is…a little bit crazy. So going to The Gideon and getting to hang out, laugh and enjoy fellowship with people who not only understand me, but love me anyway? Well, that’s priceless. The workshops are fabulous. The film festival is amazing. But for me, the fellowship keeps me coming back like water in a well.

4. It’s on the East Coast!

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to have an impact. Filmmaking and writing and acting is happening everywhere and the East Coast has got a thriving market for all manner of media arts. So come see what God might have in store for you!

Seriously, don’t miss out on this! The films, workshops and specifics are still being arranged but don’t let that stop you from making plans and registering to join us today! And if you’re a singer or songwriter – there’s still time to enter the Lamon Record Contest to win a recording contract – how’s that sound? Get the details for the contest.

Find out more at the website: The Gideon Film Festival


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2 thoughts on “The Gideon – be there!”

    1. Would LOVE to see you there! If you decide to come make sure you find me. I work with our Teen Intern program where we invite talented teens (who are already actively working in the media arts) to participate in the conference so I’m always nearby the group of teens:-)

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