the other side of Passion 2012

Forty-five thousand college students gathered in Atlanta Georgia last week and celebrated the great God we serve. That’s a great thing. Even better? They streamed the event live for those of us who couldn’t travel down there and be there in person. I missed a couple sessions that I wanted to see (they were only online for about 24 hours) but I still got to sit in front of my computer and participate.

And boy did God speak! I’m so thankful for God’s voice and for gifted teachers and for the Word of God. I will probably talk in more specifics about how it affected me but this morning, I woke up thinking about those 45,000 students who scattered this weekend and went off to their homes all over the nation.

And about the letdown that many of them might be experiencing right now.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to attend a conference like that (it’s just harder for moms with young kids to get away!) but I know the feeling of a  “conference high” that comes when you gather with thousands upon thousands of like minded people and get pumped full of courage and passion for Jesus. It’s awesome to see the saints gathered like that. To be in the midst of that many voices.

But eventually, you have to go home. And home isn’t usually that exciting.

1 – You come home and are often surrounded by people who didn’t experience the same thing you did.

2 – You come home to the same old-same old even though you feel so different.

3 – You come home and still have to deal with the difficulties of life.

It can all lead to a bit of  a letdown. It’s normal. And understandable. But it doesn’t have to take anything away from your experience or what you learned or your re-entry back into life. Basically – it doesn’t have to be a letdown when you realize that the bigness and amazing-ness of Jesus has not changed one iota. No, you won’t have 44,999 other people singing with you as you worship. But that’s okay. You won’t have people like Frances Chan or John Piper or Louie Giglio sitting down with you to explore the Word of God. But that’s okay. There is plenty in the Word of God for the Holy Spirit to show you as you sit by yourself in your room.

The thing is, if we can learn to experience and get to know Jesus in the quiet of our everyday lives, the more we will be able to experience the highs without hitting a low. Both the spectacular and the quiet are needed for us to grow.

So don’t be afraid to get quiet with Him and see where He is leading you – today.


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2 thoughts on “the other side of Passion 2012”

  1. I remember coming home from youth group years ago and being devastated by the fact that life was the same. It was so hard to stay on fire, when the world was so nonchalant. This would be a great message to end every youth camp, conference, and convention with. Just a reminder that even though you might go into the world without thousands of people, you still have Christ and His Word.

    1. Yep! Had the same thing happen as you – that’s why I thought of all of them:-) Conferences can be wonderfully rejuvenating, but like everything in life, we have to stay balanced:-)

      Thanks for chiming in!! Heather Hart »

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