the words of you

I’d like you to get a piece of paper and a pencil if you can.

Now – without thinking too much about it – write down 3 words that describe you. Not about what you do in relationship with someone else (student, wife, child, etc.) but descriptive words.

beautiful? broken? valuable? worthless? talented? desired? wise? stupid?

I’ve struggled over the years with the words I speak about myself. I’m usually pretty quick to think the best about others, but just as quick to think the worst of myself. (And even as I write that down I think, “No one else struggles with that kind of thing! Why admit that?) But in my head I know that I am not alone. We talked about how words from others can kill our dreams or try to derail us but here’s the thing…

The words we speak about ourselves hold even more power.

We cannot trash who we are because we were found valuable enough for the God of the Universe to send His Son to die in our place. We were worth saving – He loved us that much! We have purpose. Yes, we are all flawed, but that is where even more glory goes towards God. When He works through us in spite of our weakness. When He helps us accomplish things that would be impossible without Him. He gets the glory when we point to Him, instead of pointing out what’s wrong with us.

Ask God to help you see the way He sees you. The beauty, the worth, the value He sees in you.

Now, write down 3 words that you think Jesus would use to describe you. Imagine He is talking to the Father and He points over to you, what would he say?

Allow the love of God to penetrate your heart today.


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