there are no small roles

So I clearly have theater on the brain as I am about to head into our final weekend of the CYT show I’ve been directing for the past 10 weeks. I must admit, that all the years I spent in the theater, I never really dreamed of directing shows. It seemed like a hard, rather unglamorous job (I wasn’t so far off).

But I’m always telling my kids that no matter what their role is, they are the ones that have to make the most of it. Whether they are a lead, or among the 30-some kids in the chorus – they can stand out if they make the most of it. And they are all critical to the play.

It’s true on the stage, but it’s true in life, too.

We don’t all have starring roles in life. Some of us are more obscure. Some of us toil and no one seems to notice but God. Some of us may get to impact nations. Others may simply impact a neighbor. But we can’t control those things. All we can do is to do the most with what we’ve been given.

It does us no good – in fact it can be harmful – to compare our role with someone else’s.

Be who God created you to be – follow Him tirelessly – and do it with all you’ve got.

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