Waiting for the Next Big Thing

So Valentine’s Day is over. (For some that may be a relief – my daughter told me that her teacher called it “Single Awareness Day”) What’s next?

St. Patrick’s Day – never been much for that holiday. Easter is around the corner. That’s fun. Chocolate eggs and Easter egg hunts and celebrating how merciful the Lord is to us all. Spring is also around the corner (at least I really hope it is!)

I’ve been in a waiting mode for quite some time. I’ve had years of practice with waiting. Waiting is never easy. But waiting also never goes away. I’ve learned something about waiting – there is a difference between “just waiting” (picture yourself standing at a busy intersection waiting for that little green man to start blinking and tell you that it’s time to cross the road) and “waiting on God”.

Just Waiting

When we are “just waiting”, we are looking for something to change – the “next, big thing”. We are kind of just holding on until then. Back in college, I was convinced that no one would ever fall in love with me. One of my best friends, who I had a probably not so secret crush on, seemed only interested in dating my friends. True confession: I never had a boyfriend. Not once. But since I’ve been deliriously and happily married for nearly 16 years, I can assure you that I don’t have one single regret about that. In fact, I’m pretty happy that it worked out that way! But here’s the scenario:

in high school, you wait to graduate
in college, you wait to graduate
you wait to find someone
you wait to get married
you wait to find a job
you wait to have kids
(then once you have kids, there’s all sorts of new waiting that starts to happen!)

Waiting on God

Instead of waiting “for the next big thing”, I’ve been trying to practice waiting on God. How is that different? When we wait on God – we are looking for Him – not the next big thing. We are sharing with Him all of those dreams and hopes, but allowing Him to hold them for us while we focus on what He has put in front of us. I don’t know what the next horizon holds. I don’t know what it will look like. But I know that He is good, and He is the One that holds the future. So I talk with Him about my hopes and dreams, but my daily focus is on what He has put in front of me. We really only need be concerned about today. What are we supposed to accomplish for Him today?

If we’re “just waiting” – we can miss what we are supposed to be doing today. We can miss out on the ways God is preparing us for what’s on that horizon. Which means, of course, that it could just end up making us have to wait even longer because we’re not ready for what God has planned.

I definitely don’t want to miss out on what God has planned. So I’m going to wait on Him by dreaming with Him and being faithful with what he has put in front of me today. What has He put in front of you?



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One thought on “Waiting for the Next Big Thing”

  1. Hello Sarah, I really like this article. It is very interesting and very true. I believe a lot of people should read this because it is very true. Im 20 years old, in college, and focusing on my dreams and goals in life. Like you, have never had a boyfriend and just focusing on what I can do for God. Its hard to wait on the right one but I guarantee that when the right one comes, we will not regret being single for so long. We wont have to endure the terrible heartbreak. But God is good and I put my trust in Him and I am proud that you are doing the same. We can change the world in doing things God’s way as well as our own lives.

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