what are you waiting for?

People do a lot of talking. Lots of it. Just look at twitter. And blogs. People have lots to say. I totally understand that (speaking as one with both a twitter and a blog) but you probably also notice that some days I just don’t post. That’s because I have nothing to say! At least nothing to say that I think is worth bothering you with. I do at least try not to waste my time…and yours.

But I read this article today and it resonated – mostly because I’ve been hearing this from God in several different ways lately.

I think I’ve been waiting. And not the good kind.

The good kind is waiting on God. I grew up with a Dad who was a “go out there and do big things” kind of person but the trouble was that he did those things apart from God. We absolutely do need to “pursue” and “press in” – but towards God – not some goal or dream. He is the the One we should be pursuing. There is a place for our earnestness – and that’s in the hands of God. We don’t hold our tomorrows. He does. How are we supposed to know what our lives will look like in five year? Or ten years? We really can’t. Only He can. So by pressing into Him – knowing Him more deeply – only then can we be led by the Holy Spirit into what He has for us.

We will not get there by default.

Now I realize that statement delves into theology a bit and I don’t claim to be any kind of theologian. I am just a girl who loves and follows Jesus. But nevertheless, I believe it to be true.

Yes – God is absolutely sovereign and nothing can “mess up” His plans. But we can also “fail to attain” all that He has for us. We can miss God’s best for us. And that should scare us. It should scare us towards Him. You see, the default for humans is to follow the flesh and the Bible is pretty clear that the flesh doesn’t profit us anything (John 6:63). Paul talks about it as “rubbish” (Phil 3:8).

We don’t know anything. We must wait on Him so that we will know the truth (the words of life! His spirit!).

Waiting must be our posture, but there is a bad kind of waiting. The kind that I find myself slipping into on occasion.

It’s the kind of waiting that is waiting for some circumstance to change at the expense of today.

We should not be waiting around for something to change because while we wait on Him, we have something we are supposed to do today. What are you supposed to do today? Where are you supposed to spend your time and energy – today? You don’t have to worry about tomorrow or next week or next year or anything because if you can press into Him and find out what God’s desire is for you today – then you’ll be on the right path to get to tomorrow, next week, and next year.

Sometimes the “thing” we are supposed to do is a bit scary. That’s okay too. because you’re never alone in it.


So here’s to scary things, today and the One who holds it all.

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4 thoughts on “what are you waiting for?”

  1. I know that this comment has nothing to do with this post but, I was wondering if you were still doing secret high school, because I sent in a e-mail a few weeks ago, and it hasn’t been posted yet.

  2. Boy howdy, it’s like you delved inside my head on this one…

    Thanks for writing, this. It feels good to see someone else saying the sort of things that’ve been on my mind. 🙂

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