whining on the inside

Summertime around here means a lot of pool time. We don’t have a neighborhood pool or a pool in the backyard, but we belong to a club pool where my kids can swim and play and participate on a summer swim team.

And pool time means sunscreen. We go through a lot of it.

My kids pretty much hate getting sunscreen put on them but with two of them being pale like momma, well, sunscreen is an essential. I made a rule early in the summer that there was to be no whining about sunscreen. They had no choice so there was no point in complaining about it.

This morning I was putting sunscreen on my youngest as we stood by the pool deck. She obediently held her hair up for me and I said to her, “And you’re not even whining!”

Her response? “I’m whining on the inside.”


A dear friend was talking about a “fast from complaining” recently and it’s made me more aware of complaining in general. Both in myself and my children.

But even if we restrain our tongues from grumbling, are we restraining our souls? Like my daughter, are we “whining on the inside”.

Help us Lord to have the strength to endure, even when things are difficult or unfair or unjust or just plain unpleasant. To have grace and compassion for others. To release those things that we cannot control.

I’m going to really try and not complain about the heat & humidity tonight at the meet. On the outside. But to be honest, I’m kind of crying inside just thinking about it…


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