writers are at first, readers

I grew up loving to read. I think most writers have had a great friendship with books through the course of their lives. I remember so many from my childhood. The “Shoe” books, my beloved Anne of Green Gables, “Someday Angeline” by Louis Sachar, Harriet and her spy notebook (and those are just the ones that pop into my head while I’m still nursing my second cup of coffee this morning). What are your childhood favorites?

I am still a fan of books, and I love getting lost in them. I have a hard time reading while I am hard at work on a writing project (it messes with my writing voice) so I prefer to soak in the luxury of books in between projects. One of my favorite authors is Marisa de los Santos. I read her first book “love walked in” and I was hooked from the first paragraph. It was literary enough to be beautiful, yet still had a wonderful story and characters that stuck with me long after I closed the page. Like most fans, I’d bring up this book anytime someone wanted a book recommendation. And when I found out she’d be signing books within driving distance, we packed up the kids and went to the beach several years ago so that I could meet her.

I probably rambled because getting to meet her was like meeting a movie star to me:-) Yes, I am that lame. I asked questions that only another writer would want to know. She was gracious anyway.

Her third book came out on Tuesday and I am planning to go buy it today. (And I find it odd that despite owning a Kindle, I must have an actual book. Hardback. The curl-up-on-the-couch kind.)

So that’s what I’ll be reading. What about you? What great books have you read lately?

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3 thoughts on “writers are at first, readers”

  1. Seven year old me to twelve year old me? Baby-sitters club, baby-sitters club, baby-sitters club. There were a couple of times when I resolved to move on — and then, for whatever, reason, didn’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I heart reading. I just read this book, called Somebody Everybody Listens to by Suzanne Supplee — great book, couldn’t put it down!

    1. Emii ยป That’s the best recommendation, isn’t it? When someone says “I couldn’t put it down” I know I must pick it up:-)
      And babysitter’s club is a classic:-)

      1. Ooh, an even better ‘can’t put it down’ novel? Solitary, by Travis Thrasher. Ever read it? I actually just reviewed it over at my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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